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Here are proofs:
Reference Link
Scammer Address Visit Link Here
Scammer Phone not known
Scammer\'s Full Name BIT.AC Limited
Scammer Website Link WWW.BIT.AC
distance: 5,385 Miles
Address New York, NY, USA
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  1. Philipp Schnabel said on November 27, 2016 11:18 am:

    Hello! Looks like a technical issue. Did you try to contact a customer service of BIT.AC? Our company offers instant crypto currency exchange services since March, 2016. Our customer base exceeds 25,000 users with thousands of daily transactions of November, 2016. I would reassure you that we never try to defraud our users intentially in any way. Please contact us at your earliest conveniece to resolve the situation with a sort of compensation. Thank you.

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