Bitcoin Scammer: 1DEWCBffa2A4jWehgQfQHVSeCsg85ZBgyQ and Circle Pay

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Bitcoin Scammer: 1DEWCBffa2A4jWehgQfQHVSeCsg85ZBgyQ and Circle Pay

This guy was selling Nationals Game 1 tickets listed on DC Craigslist.  Payment accepted only via Circle Pay.  Once money was transferred, he disappeared, not answering cell phone, texts and NO TICKTES.  Another posted on Craigslist that he is a scammer. Name listed “Michael” phone number 339-532-4999.

I have never used anything related to Bitcoin before – now I’m out $160 (a lot of money to me).  Bank can’t help, Circle Pay won’t help.  Anyone who can track down this guy and/or help get my money back AND get him kicked out of the Bitcoin “community” – PLEASE HELP!
Thank you.
Scammer Address 1DEWCBffa2A4jWehgQfQHVSeCsg85ZBgyQ
Scammer Phone 339-532-9444
Scammer\'s Full Name Michael
Reward for Information / Bounty open
Country United States of America
State/Province District of Columbia
distance: 5,521 Miles
Address Nationals Park, South Capitol Street Southeast, Washington, DC, United States
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