Escrow Payment and Secure...............SCAM ALERT !!!

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Escrow Payment and Secure...............SCAM ALERT !!!

THE COMPANY IS FRAUDSTERS AND WORKS WITH ONLINE SCAMMER…..IT’S FAKE SITE AND DON’T ENGAGE  WITH THEM. takes extra care to ensure both your information and your money is absolutely protected while entrusted to our system.e are constantly monitoring the status of major financial institutions to be sure the escrow-payment member funds entrusted to us are protected. We account for member funds completely separate from other company funds and our proprietary system balances the accounts multiple times every day. All electronic communication between and our bank that includes any member account information is done utilizing secure communications networks and protocols.

 Website is offline after payment is received and Timothy Spray will chat with you.

  1. chandraprakash said on January 22, 2017 6:00 am:

    I deposit 0.19btc on 9/1/2017 for purchasing of skynova software. I asked them that I am not satisfied with software and request for withdrawal. Several mails sent to them and never get any response. They are worked with fraud and scammers so far they denied to refund money. Beware from they are cheater and associate with scammers. I lost 169 dollars with them.

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