Mrs. Melvin Van Der Flier and Mrs. Olivia Van Der Flier

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Mrs. Melvin Van Der Flier and Mrs. Olivia Van Der Flier

I came upon a listing in Craigslist for asia miles for sale, listed # 204-400-3955

He asked me to text him using whatsapps so I did. 
here are the red flags:
1. he wants to use bitcoins
2. he is very knowledgeable with Bitcoins and also which wallets to use.
3. The price is not super cheap but discounted to be attractive.
4. Very helpful in guiding you to use BC and where to go.
5. He sent on screenshot to show his credential and miles available to transfer and asked for your mile number which I did not reveal.
6. He is always online and followup quickly if he doesn’t hear from you.
I did some research and this guy is a scam for sure. He as been listed on FB and other sites using this name as I don’t know if he hacked the original owner’s account to pull this scam off.
Scammer Phone 204-400-3955
Scammer\'s Full Name melvin van der flier
Address all craigslist
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  1. Mel vdf said on August 21, 2016 6:03 am:

    Cool.. thanx for this

  2. Grace said on August 29, 2016 3:00 am:

    I got scammed by him, dishonest!

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