scammed by a self clamied private bitcoin lender

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scammed by a self clamied private bitcoin lender

i contact a man i saw on Facebook claiming to be a private bit coin lender,after giving him my details he asked for originators fee ($70) after paying that he didn’t reply me for two days when he later did he said he system upgraded and need $50 more i sent that after about a day he said the system need VAT for proceeding i sent another $50 now hes claiming the system wants $100,i told him i wasn’t interested any more he should send me back my money he has refused

This is hes email: [email protected]
Reference Link
Scammer\'s Full Name john douglas wild
Reward for Information / Bounty 2
Scammer Website Link Visit Link Here
Country Canada
State/Province Manitoba
distance: 6,536 Miles
Address 699 Grierson Ave, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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