ultrabitcoinminer.online is a huge scam just started

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ultrabitcoinminer.online is a huge scam just started

Website ultrabitcoinminer.online

Offers up to 4 free btc but you hafta send them money  first to get it blockchain proves its scam. 
It started with 2 address I think its one guy. 
Address 1PN42QCgEHPmkCUXKwZn1xNf9H1LUPLui7 i know is important
  1. David Boey said on February 24, 2017 6:12 am:

    Has plenty of testimonials to bait the gullible. I used 0.008 BTC to test it. Nothing came back. Nothing happened. 4 BTC? Ha! You are better off doing that at the free faucets available.

  2. boeyong said on February 24, 2017 6:17 am:

    Has plenty of recurring testimonials to bait the gullible. I have sent in the 0.008 BTC just to test. 4 BTC? Ha! You will have better luck doing the free bitcoin faucets. Slow..but you won’t lose money. 0.008 BTC is chickenfeed to me but there are those who find it difficult to come up with the USD8 or so equivalent. Give ultrabitcoinminer a miss and you will be alright

  3. Charles said on February 27, 2017 5:55 am:

    Ultrabitcoinminer.online is a big fraud!
    I got their flash for 4 free bitcoin and decided to give it a spin.
    When they requested for me to pay upfront bitcoin for confirmations, I was like “what the f***k! If you guys can generate 4 BTC free, what stops you from generating the little amount for the confirmations? Or better still, taking the fee from the main BTC (i.e. 4BTC)?
    These guys are crazy!!
    Everyone should be careful not to fall for their prank!

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