www.pegasusmoneymart.com piss poor excuse of a scam

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www.pegasusmoneymart.com piss poor excuse of a scam

His burner phone used on the website not only was it not on but the voicemail wasn’t even setup when I called so I set it up for him lol, in spanish of course, so essentially I can check his voicemail now.. Regardless though I talked with him on ICQ and for shits and giggles did a small trade with him via a prepaid and apparently he uses paypal for his processor with a name SHUXFORD. Will dig in deeper just to mess with this guy and/or get his ass handed to him. 
Also trades on Paxful under “isabellacort” handle so watch for that one.
Hope this helps.

Reference Link
Scammer Address 5475 Spring Garden Rd, Nova Scotia, Canada
Scammer Phone (902) 703-6426
Reward for Information / Bounty 0.08
Scammer Website Link www.pegasusmoneymart.com
Country United States of America
State/Province Kansas
distance: 6,533 Miles
Address USA
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  1. trustyadmin said on January 4, 2017 8:37 am:

    absolute fucking scam!

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